Perfect the perfection

Perfect the perfection

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[ Perfect the perfection ]

Strawberry, green peppercorn, House’s plum vinegar

A hidden addition that is a must-have for truly sweet strawberries. A jam for turning the perfect into perfection.

The Jam:

Perfectly sweet strawberry reaches new heights of flavor when paired with the savory bite of green peppercorn and plum vinegar. This complementary relationship yields an even greater depth of rich sweetness to add to delicious yoghurts, breads, and desserts. 

The Story:

Pairing opposites can bring out the finest in food. The hidden partner of strawberries—which are near-perfect alone—is a savory twist that highlights the sweetness in these wonderful berries. Peppercorn and plum vinegar act as background performers in this jam, empowering the strawberries to truly shine.