Banoffee Dreams

Banoffee Dreams

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[ Banoffee Dreams ]

Homegrown organic banana, caramel, Chai masala, butter

Impossibly delicious, take a delightful sweet journey filled with swirls of caramel and delicate Indian spices.

The Jam:

Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. Organic bananas, sweet caramel, chai masala, and of course butter, come together for an absolutely blissful experience for the senses. As versatile as it is mouthwatering, enjoy with crème fraîche on top of good sourdough toast, pancakes, ice-cream, or as we sometimes do...straight out of the jar for a delightful treat

The Story:

Introducing familiar favorites with exciting new twists is a constant pursuit in our kitchen. Dreaming of banoffee pie, we took our homegrown organic bananas on a sweet journey, spiced with the incredible travel-inspired flavors of India. Elevating and packed with sinfully good flavors, this is a delicious travel experience to take again and again.