Our Contribution

Red-whiskered bulbul is Wild Nature’s spirit animal of 2020-2022

Not all heroes wear capes. And for baby birds and injured wild Aves, the helping hands more often than not wear khaki field vests.

When we think of birds we often think of freedom of flight, but life of a bird comes with many threats and a lot of them anthropogenic. Insecticides, trappings, attacks by pets and/or free-roaming cats and dogs, and tropical storm, etc. are but a few examples. Founded in 2019 by four bird lovers; Rungsrit Kanjanavanit, MD, a professor of cardiology and environmental activist, Pitikarn Bumpenpol, DVM, Chan Tosinthiti of Lannabird Club (LBNC), and Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok of Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST), the Lanna Wild Bird Rescue (กองทุนฟื้นฟูนกป่าล้านนา) aims to provide friendly advice to local neighbours, and aid fallen baby birds, and injured wild birds. The effort includes rescue, care, rehabilitation, with the goal of releasing them. They also give talks and educate Lanna youth on the importance of avians in the ecosystem.

Lanna is the local term that encompasses the northern provinces of Thailand including; Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and their vicinity. Lanna is situated on the southernmost tip of Sino-Homalayan zoogeographical range, where its mountains cradle diversity and immigration hotspots for many rare birds. Many species of resident and migratory birds found in Lanna cannot be seen anywhere else in Thailand. But this safe haven is now threatened with habitat loss, pollution, and poaching. And that’s why conservation effort from us is becoming more crucial than ever.

Wildlife aid facilities in Thailand are generally far, and most are concentrated around the capital city of Bangkok. Having one in the local neighborhood no doubt increases the chance to save wild birds and the chance to connect with the Lanna community.