The People

Rewarding - Enjoyable - Fulfilling

Wild Nature’s workers and founders alike reflect the goodwill of entrepreneurs united under the same ideology and shared a vision of a beautiful tomorrow for their homeland. The two sisters, Dara Wongwan and Tubtim Malaiarisoon, founders of Wild Nature can be spotted in their natural habitat: the urban farm or the test kitchen working with family-like local team members. Their leisure are visiting fellow farmers and artisan kitchens, and (if life allows) globetrotting.

“From organic urban farming paired with best agricultural practice produces of Chiang Mai, Wild nature presents inspiring creations that conveniently and creatively add dimension to meals and essentially to support lifestyles. I myself love to reminisce of moments, places, and people, overlapping the presence vibe. Wild Nature does that, matching the love of Chiangmai to personal favorites. I would also like to make supporting sustainable lifestyle and culture of Chiang Mai easy for people who admire these senses of Chiang Mai. That is how all our product creation is based on. Wild Nature is committed to these values to our fans.” – Dara Wongwan, Wild Nature co-founder