Passionate Sunrise

Passionate Sunrise

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[Passionate Sunrise]

"Chase the sunrise with rays of fresh passion fruit and brusts of mint."

Passion Fruit, Hin Lard Nai Honey, freshly picked mint.



The Jam

Rays of fresh passion fruit chase the sunrise with it's signature perfume transporting us to tropical climes. A touch of gentle honey is added for harmony, bringing tartness into perfect balance with sweetness. Swirls of fresh mint cap off the adventure, melding all the flavors together into a fragant mojito.


The Story 

A perfect piece of nature, the mere mention of "passion fruit" captivates the senses. Elegant sweetness from Hin Lard Nai Honey brought harmony and gratitude for our wonderful bees. The final touch came with freshly picked mint that added a sensational dimension for thia jam.