Sairoong Wondrous in a Jar

Sairoong Wondrous in a Jar

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The Jam 

Strawberry, Bilimbi, Tangerine, Lemon, Fish sauce, Black Pepper, Organic Dreamchaser infusion  

Freshly picked strawberries are bejeweled wind candied tangerine and Hin Lard Nai honey for sweet abundance, chased by tangy notes of bilimbi. Immersed in our Dreasmchaser infusion, uplifting lemon, a dash of black pepper, and au umami drizzle of fish sauce are added to creat a Michelin experience of luck, charm, and prosperity for the season. 

The Story 

Representing Chef Andy Yang's dedication to discovering unique flavors, "Sairoong"(Rainbow) personifies a fortutous journey filled with vibrancy and adventure from beginning to end, A perfact gift for the season, enjoy as a delicious toppping in both sweet and savoy dishes, or even as a filling for your favorite pastry.


Chenf Andy Quotation "Always seek color and wonder in your journey"



Limited Edition Colllaboration: "Sairoong in a jar" Wild Narure Artisan x Chef Andy Yang.

Exclusive first  batch Limited Edition - 50 jars handmade by Chef Andy Yang with original signed autograph. *Only available at Table 38 

Price: 500 THB


Limited Edition 450 jars 

Price: 250 THB