Thai Thai Grills

Thai Thai Grills

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Smoked fleur de sel, coriander roots, garlic, coriander leaves, green peppercorns, ginger

The foundational 3 ingredients of Thai cuisine to bring flair to any gathering.

Organic Herb Salt:

Any dish can be elevated with Thai spirit when finished with a medley of coriander root, garlic, coriander leaf, green peppercorns, and a hint of ginger. Smoked with lychee wood and herb stalks from our farm, this is an instant win.

The Story:

Something is so special about the combination of garlic, coriander root and peppercorns. These three form a trio of “friends,” or what in Thai is called “sam glur” that is foundational to Thai cooking. This a finishing salt that will always add flair. Secret marinade recipe people will try to steal from you? Check.