Never Ending Summer

Never Ending Summer

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[ Never Ending Summer ]

Fleur de sel, dill, garlic, black mint, chocolate mint, Japanese mint, Thai mint, lime zest

Fresh and packed with flavor, Never-Ending Summer brings the tastes of the sun to your home year round.

Organic Herb Salt:

This convivial finishing salt with a citrusy mint profile brings tons of flavor to your dish. The fresh taste of dill, garlic, mint leaves, and lime zest summon the summer, always! In harmony with fresh seafood, yogurt, fresh cheeses, vinaigrette dressing, vegetable crudités dips, tzatziki, potato salad or pasta salad. 

The Story:

Living in the North, we sometimes reminisce of a salty warm breeze on our face and the sound of rolling waves. Never-Ending Summer is created for foods that always bring us fun in the sun.